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Welcome to Carolina K-12’s (formerly the NC Civic Education Consortium) NEW & IMPROVED Database of K-12 Resources!  This searchable database currently includes lesson plans aligned to the NC Essential Standards, as well as activities for use in the classroom, after school and extra-curricular programs, camps, etc. To ensure compatibility, files are available in PDF format. You must have Adobe Reader installed to access the materials, which is available for free at and is easily installed.

“I have gotten so many wonderful ideas and materials from the NC Civic Education Consortium!  I use their website a great deal – what better resource could we have than to have lesson plans already aligned to the Essential Standards?  They have quality lesson plans and all the resources to execute the plans.  Everything we need is in this one website.” ~Cheryl Traylor, Randolph County teacher

Directions for Searching Lesson Plans

When entering the database, a master list of all lesson plans for all courses available will be visible. Click on the lesson title to open and/or download it. Files that have an accompanying Power Point presentation will have a PPT icon to the right of the lesson title. (When you see a lesson title repeated in the master list, it is because there are versions of that lesson aligned to more than one course.)

To narrow the initial list of all lesson plans to a particular course and/or a particular topic, you can:

  • View only the lessons plans aligned to a particular course by selecting the appropriate check box under “Courses
  • View only the lesson plans aligned to a particular topic by selecting the appropriate check box under “Topic.” (Please note that if you ONLY select a topic and do not also select a course, the list you populate for the selected topic will include lesson plans for several different courses.)
  • View lesson plans aligned to a particular course AND a particular topic by selecting one check box in each category.
  • Users can only select ONE course and/or ONE topic at a time.
  • Looking for a particular lesson title? Use the “Search this Site” box at the top of the page. Enter a word from the lesson title you are seeking to populate a matching list. (Please note this feature does not search through all the lessons for matching content; it only searches for matching words in the lesson titles.)
  • To start a new search, click on the “Lessons” link in the top bar of the Database or un-click all of the check boxes you have selected.

Directions for Searching Activities

Similar to the directions for searching lesson plans, upon selecting the Activities button below, a master list of all activities available in the Database will populate. Use the “Grade Level” or “Activity Topic” check boxes to narrow down your search. Users can check one “Grade Level”, one “Activity,” or both a “Grade Level” and an “Activity” at a time. Use theSearch this Sitebox at the top of the page within the Database to search for a particular activity title. To start a new search of a different grade level or topic, click on the “Activities” link in the top bar of the Database, or un-click the check boxes you have selected.

Questions, Issues, and/or Feedback?

If you encounter issues or have any specific comments (needed improvements or positive experiences), please let us know. You can click on the “Feedback” link in the top banner of the Database, or e-mail your questions/issues to Paul Bonnici at

Is a warning or security message popping up when you try to access a file in the database? This is likely due to your computer’s security settings. Look at the address bar – if there is an “s” in the beginning “https“, remove the “s” and refresh, or simply select to “continue to the site anyway” in the pop up message.

If you cannot find the lesson you are looking for, are unable to open a file, would like to request a Word or PPT version of the PDFs in the Database, or have a particular topic request for a lesson plan or activity, please contact Paul Bonnici at

Ready to search the database?  Click one of the buttons below, or use the menu bar at the top of every page. Happy Teaching!

Lessons Activities

The Civic Education Consortium is one of the resources that I recommend to all social studies teachers in our system. It is a jackpot of teaching resources! As we move to a different type of testing in social studies (from EOGs to MSLs), we find a real dearth of resources; I thus recommend the Consortium to our teachers as a FREE source of curriculum and assessments. The CEC’s database is a critical resource for our teachers in a time of great change and few resources.” ~Anne Joyner, Instructional Specialist, Vance County Schools