“I Am” Poem
Artful Teamwork
Cooperative Learning Strategies for Group Work and Group Discussion
Don’t Let Me Go “KA-BOOM!”
Establishing and Teaching Procedures
Exploring Community Responsibility:The Web of My Community
Exploring Kindness and Choice with Langtson Hughes’ “Thank You M’am”
Exploring Leadership with “George Did It!”
First Impressions, Greetings and Names
Graphing Trust
Help Me
Human Scavenger Hunt
Ideas for Celebrating Banned Books Week
In Their Shoes… Understanding and Standing Up Against Bullying & Intolerance
Listening & Respect
My Little Book of Big Feelings
My Personal Artifact
Peer Pressure Party
People to People
Preparing the Classroom Community for Its Citizens
Quick “Get to Know You” Activities
Say “Hey” Your Way!
Should I Say It? Exploring Honesty
Star Light, Star Bright: Considering Positive Possibilities
Sticks and Stones: Discussing Bullying in the School Community
Survivor: Practicing Group Deliberation & Decision Making
Teaching Discussion Expectations
Tell Me Something GOOD!
The Code for Successful Teamwork
The Ideal Classroom Community Member: Establishing Expectations for Classroom Behavior
The Web of My Classroom Community
Tips and Tricks for Engaging Students in Social Studies Instruction
Tips for Tackling Sensitive History & Controversial Current Events in the Classroom
Voices of My Emotions
Web of Words
What Kind of Citizen Are You?
What Makes a Good Citizen?
What To Do When You Have a Bad Day
What’s In My Head?
Where Do You Stand?
Who Am I? An Exploration of Your Identity and Culture
Who Wants a Piece of Friendship Pizza?
Windows to Our Community
ZAP! Exploring Team Work & Communication